Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Spiritual Journey with Lonnie Kauk

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At the beginning of time, the Ancient Spirit created a great people. A thousand times as large as man, the great people followed the herds of Mammoth across the Sierra Plains. The tribe was lead by a very strong young Chief. He was a great hunter, who could jump high into the air, throwing his spear with grace at any game in the plains. But the young Chief grew greedy. No longer caring for the Ancient Spirit, he soon killed all the mammoth in the land, leaving only the creatures small enough to dodge his great weapon.

Soon there was no food for his people, who began to see the unwise ways of their chief. They grew too tired to continue hunting, and chose to stand still. Angered by this the young Chief, who was now also growing hungry, made a deal with the demon serpent snake of the plains. The serpent taught him the magic to steal the souls of his people and feed on thier souls, and in return took all of the Chief's grace away from him. With this new magic in hand, the Chief roamed the plans, stealing his peoples souls in such an inartistic way that even the serpent snake had to cringe, leaving the tribes soulless bodies as great mountains. The Ancient Spirit saw this and blasted the young chief with moon beam so powerful it shattered him into a million pebbles, and returned the tribe their souls.

Today the tribe is known as the Sierra Nevada Mountains Range, and their spirits guard the great peaks they have become...

As red and gold rays brighten the eastern sky, my spirit soars high with the eagle, my body runs with the wolf, my energy is strong like the bear. I feel the spirits of the mountains all around me. I speak to them, they guide me down from their summits, and encourage me to dance through the air above their snow covered slopes. They warn me of the soul sucker, the one who will unbalance my spirit and spin wildly.

Beware of those who do no care for the Ancient Spirit, even if they have a really nice method. wink*


Lonnie Kauk is a professional snowboarder from Yosemite, California. He currently lives in Mammoth Lakes, California, and rides for DC Shoe CO. For more on Lonnie check out Standard Films 2009 release Aesthetica, in stores everywhere.


Anonymous said...

This metaphor is an easy nut to crack.

Chief = Chief

Snake Serpent = LP or Greg

Mammoth = Rene

Great Spirit = JBC

Tribe & Small Creatures = Burton Employees / Temps / Interns

Anonymous said...

Having a spiritual life is EVERYTHING.... the spirit is eternal!

Anonymous said...