Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stay At Home Saturdays: Cross Training and You

For those of you not lucky enough to live somewhere other than the Northeast, the end of board’in season is fast approaching. That being said, the start of next season is just around the corner, and its prime time to start cross training. My cousin is a personal trainer (check out his site here), so I called him up the other day to talk about some good summertime activities to keep fit for the 2010 season. Over the next few Saturday’s (not necessarily Saturday) a few riding category specific posts will be posted for you to get a little more fit by.

FreestyleIf you’re all about air-time make sure you start your next season on the right foot with some freestyle boarding specific cross training. Originally developed for basketball players, Strength Shoes are ergonomically designed to focus on strength building in your lower calf muscle and metacarpal tonal conditioning. Basically just strap these babies on and go about your daily routine. Before you know it you’ll be leaping at least twice as high as you used to.

Please stay tuned for more fitness tips for all boarding types: All Mountain Freestyle, All Mountain, Alpine (Downhill), Alpine (Tandem), Alpine (Slalom), Boarder X, Freeride, All Mountain Freeride, Banked Slalom, Jib, Park, Halfpipe

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