Friday, January 16, 2009

Grinding into our Soul’s: Nike SB is Legit!

As a street musician plays an off beat rendition of Korn’s “Freak on a Leash” it happens. Faint at first, the sound of skates clacking over bricks steadily grows louder, until as if shot out of a cannon the blader blasts past me. Jumping high into the air he turns 180 degrees, landing backwards on the ledge, hand firmly grasping his kicked out leg. As he slides down the ledge, the last rays of a setting sun cast a golden halo around the fluffed out second tongue of this skates. Hopping off the ledge the blader continues down the road, and as he slowly disappeared into the horizon, so disappeared the totally boss idea of a double tongue from my memory. Until now…
When I first saw the all new Nike Zoom Force 1 “Double Tongue,” I knew I had seen them before, but just couldn’t put my finger on it. Laying in bed late that night, however, the imagery came rushing back like Jager shots after a push-up contest, and I was immediately back on that city street, music playing, blades thrashing. Nike has done some pretty cool shit so far (helicopter shots in urban Spokane, signing Gigi, etc), but having the fore- sight (or after-thought) to re-introduce double tongues to snowboarding takes the cake. Good on ya mates!


Anonymous said...


You can do this from a standing position or from rolling (if you set up over a hard surface) but standing may be easier. Stand sext to the rail and jump onto it as you did before only this time your weight will be slightly forward. (Never STEP onto a waxed rail you will learn really fast that "one foot" grinds are best left until you are more experienced). Now if you can get this done you will find that you will slide down the rail. Stand balanced with your weight 55/45 between your front/back foot. This is called a frontside grind. To get off the grind (DON'T STEP) bend your knees and do a very small jump, with just enough force to get you above the rail and if you have speed this will take you off the end but if you are coming off lean early in the direction you wish to exit the rail (front or back) and step away. From here you will notice that you are more confident with one foot leading more so than the other this is your natural frontside. It is best to practice both but for a beginner just natural will do.


hoon said...

snowlerbladers unite!