Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sniffing Glue with the Celsius Boot Crew

With everything that is going on in snowboarding today, its pretty easy to get overwhelmed. I could do an SIA update, maybe spill some secrets on Bond Outerwear’s logo origin? Or how about the junk show that just went down at the X-Games? I could even blog about how cool Snow Scrappers is going to be and how much cooler it would be if they had a down hill ice skating match right after. Lucky for me as I was sitting down to write about all those, I got a call from my good friend Hans at Celsius boots. He and the rest of the boot crew were going to go sniff glue and drive around in a car and they wanted me to come along to get the inside scoop on their new skull candy colab. They picked me up in a totally boss van, we grabbed a couple plastic bags, I turned on the tape recorder, and we were off…

Wammybar- Hey dudes, howdit do?
Rusty Bertleman- Hey man, thanks for coming. We got some like really good glue.

Hans Heedamen- yea dude, like really good glue

Um… like in your boots?
R- nah man, for snifiing

H- yea man, for sniffing

Really, I thought you were joking, like for core score or whatever…
H- nah, for sniffing

We spent the next 5 or so minutes taking turns pouring glue into a bag, then putting it up to our faces and breathing. I dunno if I was doing it wrong or something, but all I got was a headache, Hans and Rusty got pretty wasted though I think. Go on…

So guys tell me about you new colab
H- haha, what

The thing with you and skull candy, how does a boot and headphone team up?

H- what like glue or something?

Huh? Never mind, tell me about you new speed zone system
R- you mean Celsius lacing system?

I dunno it, kinda looks a lot like speed zone. Isn’t that a copy right issue or something? I mean look at the handles?
R- your mother wears army boots.

H- yea you're an idiot jerk. I mean its like how can you own a handle, nobody owns a handle, its just like a handle. Can you handle that. (Rusty and Hans high five)

Yea dudes, sorry.
H- nah its alright, this glue just makes me a little crazy sometimes.

Alright, cool lets change the subject a bit. Where did the inspiration for the boot come from?
H- well we worked really closely with JP on the design and uh…

Wait JP? JP who?
H- Walker? What other JP’s are there?

Doesn’t he ride for 32?
R- huh?

H- well I mean, yea but whatever. We worked like really hard to get his input on the boots, like design wise.

You guys cereal?
H- was that a question? I think this dude has had too much glue.

Wait what? You're crazy man…
H- you’re the one sniffing glue, stainer.

Continued in prt. 2… Fade to black…


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